"We look forward to dance night as a highlight to our week.  It has not only been fun, but it has made us grow closer as a couple.  Sabrina makes it so doable and we can't believe how much we've learned."

~Brian & Celia Siewert


"We really like the fact that you teach technique but don't dwell on it.  We aren't interested in competing or getting our gold level ballroom.  We just want to have fun and keep dancing. (And if we can look good on the dance floor-bonus!)"

~Susan & Steve Blanchard


"More than we could have expected - very happy.  As well as learning new skills, it forces us out of the house and away from the routine & the kids!"

~Ben Gibson & Juliette Bradley


" Excellent instructions, always positive and encouraging, using humour, frequent review and demonstrations with different partners.  You are great at watching/catching difficulties people are having (often without realizing it) and doing mini lessons on the sport for individuals or for the whole class if needed."

~Christine & Nels Zihrul


"Dancing is both a social experience and a couple experience.  Your lessons emphasize both of these aspects in an enjoyable way."

~Heidi & Joe Loran


"We have enjoyed our classes and Sabrina as an instructor is very patient and hands on with each couple."

~Kim & Darwin Switner


"We enjoy dancing for the first time in our lives and look forward to getting better and better over time."

~Greg & Janice Black

"Mostly, we are having fun. Even though it is very hard for us we keep trying and feel we will eventually get it because Sabrina is so helpful.   We know with practice we will improve.  Sabrina keeps encouraging and making us feel we can really do it. Sabrina is so patient.   She keeps encouraging us no matter how hard it is.   She continues to show us over and over until we get it.  We really appreciate that. She never gives up on a person – she keeps trying until you get it.  We are so thankful that our friends asked us to join.  We love going to the dances and trying things out.  We love the fact that Sabrina is there is help us out."


Marlene & Len Therres


"Our main reason for attending is to improve on what we have already learned and be able to dance and have fun. Our reason to continue is that now we are at a stage that we can dance in public without being embarassed. We are looking forward to gaining confidence and skill in each of the dances. We are keeping our marriage of 24 yrs fun!"
Barbara & Eldon Berezanski

"Sabrina, we have loved the wide variety of dances you have done over the year.You have made many suggestions to us which have given us insight into our dancing style and made us interested to learn more. Some of your suggestions have been so simple but so amazingly effective!"

Carrie & Nicholas Steele

(On a scale of 1 - 10 - rate the quality of this class?)
"10. Basic moves well covered and explained. Each class began with a review of previous moves. You were supportive and encouraged everyone to their full potential. Your approach is fun."

Deb Smutt -Teaching Asst. & Joe Girard -Heavy Duty Mechanic





We are enjoying this class so much and are fondly referring to Fridays as our "date night".  It is great to have this time as a couple (we've been married for 28 years) and love your humor and understanding of our insecurities as new dancers"

Wes & Jenny Cupido - Painting Contractor


 "When I suggested to my wife that we take dance classes, it was perhaps one of the most OUT OF CHARACTER moments in my life.  For me getting up in front of anyone and danceing would have been my worst nightmare.  I thought learning how to dance would let events like Xmas parties, weddings be more enjoyable.  Now it has provided me and my wife with a common interest and has raised my confidence in dancing to a level that I want to show people what we've learned and how much fun it can be if you know what you're doing." 

Micheal Inglis


 "My partner and I have been taking privates and semi private lessons for almost two years now. We started when my partners niece was about to marry and it was her hope we would learn to dance...even us! We reluctantly began and it turned so well and we enjoyed the dance, but especially Sabrina, that we have continued. I think if you can work on dancing together you can do anything! We love it! "

Sandra Strangman


"Sabrina, I continue to expereince you as a most excellent dance instructor!  Clear instruction in a variety of ways, breakin down the visual into digestible bites, having an intuitive sense of the pulse of the class. Thank you - I've learned a lot in this class."

Catherine Toole - Refacer & Business Owner


(Regarding 15 minute overlap in classes) "Little tight at first but it helped with getting comfortable in less space."  (Major learning expereinces) "Leading isn't dragging your partner around the floor, but guiding them."

Megan Rennie & Will Richardson



"Great changes/improvements stemming from last year - just got better!   Great opprotunity for us to spend some quality time to reconnect, have fun, learning something new, doing something we enjoy.  (Regarding taking 2 classes back to back) We've really enjoyed the 2 hours - probably the biggest factor in our retention & enjoyment - great for honing what we already knew. "

Nicole & David Stevens



"This class has been incredibly enjoyable for Megan & I.  Even though is is our end of week session, and generally we're pretty tired, the pace is such that we have more than enough energy to take us through.  Sabrina is an awesomely capable instructor that can quickly teach the most uncoordianted individuals effectively, and I will definitely be enrolling in future classes.  Thanks Sabrina! "

Marc Hurley


"We had an amazingly fun time!  We both looked forward to every Sunday just so we could go dancing.  Can hardly wait for your next class." 

Kevin & Rachel McEachern



"We enjoyed the humour in the class, not just dance, it's about having fun too.  Sabrina you are very patient and can help us understand, and overcame our dance issues." 

Tyler Letourneau & Anora



"We are both educators and we would hire you as a teacher in a minute.  You are a fantastic teacher - excellent metaphors with such humour.  We love your approach and the neat way you look at life.  It was a pleasure.  Look forward to the Winter session." 

Garth Renyk



"Taking the two levels worked well for us.  It was a good opprtunity to work on the basics and then apply them at a more advanced level.  The time learning the new patterns was appreciated.  Repetition is not a bad thing.  The material presented in each class was not overwhelming.  And a big thank you for letting us go to Sundays class when we wern't able to attend on Friday night. "

Hulda & Don Trider



"That someone, who for more than half a lifetime believed he had no rythym or ability to move to music, has been shown through Sabrina's ability and diligence that this is not the case."

Peter McKay - Goldsmith



 "Sabrina helped us learn new things about ourselves and each other just by watching us dance, and we felt so comfortable learning new moves because of it."

Kevin & Carmen Green



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