Step 1  Fill out  the form below to register online or call/text 780-459-3100.  Group class Pre-Registration for 2021/2022 for Newsletter recipients is August 4-13, 2021.  Please enter Pre Registration code (found in your Summer Newsletter) in the required field.  The Pre-Registration code is mandatory only during Pre-Registration (early-Aug.).  NOTE: Studio will be closed Aug. 14-22. Public Registration begins Aug. 30, 2021.

*Please ensure you have received a "Your Registration has been sent" message on this site immediately after doing the verification code and sending your registration. If you do not, your registration has NOT been sent and you will need to fill out the form again. (You may have missed a required field).

Step 2  After you have submitted your registration form, you should see a confirmation screen come up.  Then please proceed to the Pay Online page.  Fast, secure, & easy online payment is provided through Pay Pal. Payment via eTransfer can be made to, no code necessary.

*Please note: Prices are advertised as per PERSON.  As you must register with a partner, total price per couple, including GST is listed on Registration Form.  GST #81560 4400 

Should you wish to pay by cheque, please send cheque, payable to"Sabrina Thievin", within 7 days of registration to guarrantee registration, to:

Sabrina’s Dance Instruction, 55 Ellington Cres, St. Albert, AB, T8N 4B9

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Privacy Information: This information is kept confidential by Sabrina’s Dance Instruction. The e-mail address and phone number will only be used for dance-related information (e.g., class information, Dance parties/outings/events).

Refund Policy:  Full refund minus a $10 administrative fee for cancellations at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of the class. Cancellations between 2 weeks before class and the end of the second class receive a 50% credit. NO credits after the second class. Credits will be considered for serious medical circumstances substantiated by a medical certificate.  Partial cancellation of packages nullify any discount.  Remaining class(es) will be charged appropriately.

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PRE-REGISTRATION Code** mandatory Aug 4- 13, 2021 (See your Newsletter) Public Registration starts Aug. 30, 2021
~SINGLE SEMESTER of Group Classes 21/22
Tuition: $120.00 price is Per PERSON (Total Per COUPLE $252.00 incl. GST) for ONE 8 week session in one semester, **Please check level & semester below **
BEGINNER Wednesdays, Time: 8:00 pm (indicate semester below)
Fall (Wed, Oct. 6th - Dec. 8th, 2021)
Winter (Cancelled)
Spring (Wed. April 13th-June 8th, 2022)
INTERMEDIATE Wednesdays, Time: 7:00 pm (indicate semester below)
Fall (Wed, Oct. 6th - Dec. 8th, 2021)
Winter (NEW DATES - Feb. 2 -Mar 16)
Spring (Wed. April 13th-June 8th, 2022)
INT/ADVANCED Wednesdays, TIME: 6:00 pm (indicate semester below)
Fall (Wed, Oct. 6th - Dec. 8th, 2021)
Winter (Cancelled)
Spring (Wed. April 13th-June 8th, 2022)
Tuition: $20 Per COUPLE Advance ONLY ($21.00 w. GST)
Winter: NEW DATE Friday, Mar. 11th, 2022
Practice A @ 6:30-8:00 pm
Practice B @ 8:30-10:00 pm
Spring: Friday, April 8th, 2022
Practice A @ 6:30-8:00 pm
Practice B @ 8:30-10:00 pm
Spring: Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Practice A @ 6:30-8:00 pm CANCELLED
Practice B @ 8:30-10 pm CANCELLED
~SPECIALTY - Dance Dates
Tuition: $75.00 price is Per COUPLE (Total: $78.75 w. GST) for 3 hours
Date: Friday, May 6th, 2022 Time: 6:30-9:30 pm
~ONLINE Zoom Classes
ONLINE Zoom Small GROUP Class Custom Dates & Times
Tuition: $21.00 w GST per class (min 6 classes)
ONLINE Zoom PRIVATE Lessons Custom Dates & Times
Tuition: $52.50 w GST per class (min 3 classes)
ONLINE Zoom SEMI-Private Lessons Custom Dates & Times
Tuition: $57.75 w GST per class (min 3 classes)
***I, as the registrant, participating in any and all activities associated with this dance program, agree that Sabrina’s Dance Instruction and/or its directors and instructors will not be held responsible for any accident or loss, however caused, and for any damages which may arise from such accident or loss. I give permission for Sabrina’s Dance Instruction to publish the registrant’s names, photo, and/or video in Sabrina’s Dance Instruction publications, newsletters, advertisements, social media, and website. There will be a $25 penalty for NSF cheques. I accept full financial responsibility for this registration form and agree to Sabrina’s Dance Instruction refund policy. (at top of form)
Indicate Payment Method (*follow the appropriate instructions)
PayPal (including Visa & Mastercard) -* PayPal please go to Pay Online page
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Cheque - *Sabrina Thievin, 55 Ellington Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N 4B9
Cash - *you will be contacted to arrange
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