Practicing Your Dancing!

So you've taken the lessons and are wanting to get out on the dance floor.  Where do you go?  How do you make sure that you have fun, feel comfortable, and look good when you go out dancing?  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  And to help you with that, Sabrina's Dance Instruction offers instuctor supervised Practice Dances at least twice per semester.  This is an opportunity for you to try out new moves, remember old ones, work out the rough spots, and get your questions answered by experienced instructor Sabrina Thievin.  Each Practice Dance is unique.  See what a Practice Dance is like in this video. 

Please note - I will be limiting numbers in all practices & group events, not just for social distancing or AHS regulations, but for your dancing, for your physical and mental health.  For this reason, this Fall & Winter & Spring 2021/22 I will be offering 2 Practice Dances on the same evenings.

For more dance opportunities in St. Albert & Edmonton area, please check out my Calendar of Events and my Ongoing Events pages.  For the most up to date dance event info, check out Sabrina's Dance Instruction on Facebook.  When you are out dancing and want to request a song for a specific dance, use my list of Dance Song Suggestions

Practice Dances 

Make sure your dancing is at its best with these regular sessions. Must register in advance. 

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