First Dance

Make your first dance as man and wife magical!  However you envision your first dance, classy and sophisticated, fun and funky, or somewhere in between, Sabrina will customize it for you.  From the dance and music selection, to working with the dress (the third partner in the dance!), to those Kodak moments with dips and lifts, your dance will be unique to the two of you!  Understanding how men and women learn differently is a key part of making this experience fun for the both of you.  Her goal is to have you both looking relaxed and feeling the love you have for each other during this special moment. 

Whether a spectacular, fully choreographed routine with a lift or two (minimum 10 hours) or a classic lead and follow dance with a simple dip or lean (4 hours minimum), you will be amazed at what you can do and how special your dance will be.  Click here for song suggestions.

Contact Sabrina for a free consultation to discuss how she can make your first dance the first true gift that you share as man and wife!  Packages starting at $315 (incl. GST) for 4 hours instruction.


"Sabrina helped us learn new things about ourselves and each other just by watching us dance, and we felt so comfortable learning new moves because of it."

Kevin & Carmen Green

"We spent 4 months taking both group and private lessons with Sabrina to work on our first dance. Taking both types of lessons was really valuable as the group sessions gave us more opportunity to work on general technique while the private lessons gave us that personal time to work specifically on our dance. Although it was challenging for both of us at times, we put in a lot of practice time and by the wedding we both felt ready to give this special gift to our guests. We found it great bonding time during the busy wedding planning and helped us feel much more connected to each other. As well it built dance skills we look forward to showing off at other peoples weddings in the future! Thank you so much Sabrina for adding to our special day!"

Carla and Ryan Anderson

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