For Group Lessons, I offer the following levels:

Beginner - Level 1 -  for those who have never taken lessons, or who have and felt they could not learn or would never get it.  Different styles of dances offered each semester so you can find out that YOU can dance! (2 dances per 8 week session)

Beginner - Level 2 - for those with little to no dance training or experience.  Whether this is your first time dancing, or your first time learning a particular dance(s), this is the level for you. (3 dances per 8 week session)

Social Dancer - Level 3 - for those whom dance lessons are not a new experience.  You have taken beginner level lessons before in the dance(s) offered.  You want to add more variety and style to your dancing. (3 dances)

Dance Enthusiast - Level 4 - for those with a minimum of 2 years of previous dance lessons in the dances offered and who love to go out and dance. More dances, more technique, more fun! (3 dances)

For Private & Semi-Private Lessons I offer lessons for those whom have:

Never danced before

Danced a long time but never learned the steps

A tricky/irregular schedule

No idea what they want to work on

Have the steps, want the style!

The desire to spend private time with that special someone

Weddings or special occasions coming up

Got the moves but want it to feel, look, and flow better

The need for that one on one attention from your instructor

Special friend(s) to have fun nights out with

Want it all!  Social up to Silver level American Style

Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Country dances


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