Dance like it's 1812!

These lessons are designed to prepare you for the dancing at the biannual Pride & Prejudice Balls put on by Regency Encounters.  We will learn and practice the Regency era English Contra Dances to be done at the ball.   I am working in partnership with Regency Encounters on these lessons and will offer the dances they decide will be played at specific balls. 

There will be three 90 minute lessons.  You do not need to attend with a partner.  English Contra Dances operate very much like a line dance.  You learn a sequence, shift positions, then repeat. It’s really quite simple once it’s explained - hence the lessons!  (There will also be YouTube tutorials available for at home practice.)  

The cost is $60 per person, + GST,  for three 90 minute lessons.  Lessons will take place Mondays, Sept 11, 18, 25 at the St. Albert United Church.  REGISTRATION ** and payment for St. Albert dance lessons is through Sabrina’s Dance Instruction. ** to register in August, please use Pre Registration code PREREG1718 so form will send.

The next Ball is Saturday, Sept. 30 at the Hotel MacDonald.  While tickets last (they sell out), you can choose the full event or dance only tickets.  *I will also be instructing the Edmonton lessons taking place Wednesday, Sept. 13, 20, & 27.  Click here for Ball AND Edmonton lesson tickets and registration.  You can still choose to attend the lessons, whether or not you attend the ball!

Watch this video to see what the Pride & Prejudice Ball is like!

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