Edmonton Dance.com A great website for those of you who wish to keep in touch with the Edmonton dance community www.edmontondance.com

Kim's Dance Weekly  A weekly newsletter whose purpose is to always have a group of people to dance with, to inspire new dancers and seasoned dancers to come together to dance, enjoy, and experience different venues and styles of dance, for the love of dance.  To sign up for this newsletter, click here.

EBDA (Everyone's Ballroom Dance Association)  These monthly dances take place on Saturdays from  8:00 p.m.  - midnight at the Central Lions Recreation Center (11113-113 St.). These are DJ'd events, with occasional live bands,  with a large dance floor. Each night is mixture of all dances.  Admission is $12 members, $15 non-members (membership is $3.00) - excluding live events. For further information (780)893-6828 or email info@ebda.ca

St. Albert Community League Dances  Come out dancing in St. Albert.  Hosted at the St. Albert Community Hall (17 Perron St., St. Albert). Dancing begins at 8 and goes to midnight.  A delicous midnight lunch is provided as well as a cash bar.  There is often a free  Dance lesson from 7:30 - 8 pm. Door Prizes and some of the dance lessons provided by Sabrina's Dance Instruction. Contact Don @ dladner7@telus.net or call at 780-915-2489 to get your tickets in advance.

Villeneuve Cabaret Dances  The community hall in Villeneuve puts on cabarets once a month from October to April.  They have live bands, which play music for Two Step, Waltz, Polkas and Jives from 9pm - 1am.  The dance floor is hardwood and perfect for dancing (no sticky waxes). Dance only tickets are $7.50 per person, late lunch included. Doors at 8 pm. (* Dinner/Dance tickets vary from $25 - $35 per person, with Doors at 6, Dinner at 7 pm.)   Contact Gerald @ 780-459-3110 to get your tickets in advance. Or contact Jackie for more details.

Stony Plain Community DancesThe dance floor is wooden and large, and the music is familiar and fun. There is no alcohol served or smoking permitted in the hall. Refreshments are included in the price of admission. What more can you ask for? Dancing is from 8-11pm at the Stony Plain Community Centre. Come and sharpen your dance skills the second Saturday of each month. If you don't use it, you lose it, as they say.  The cost will be $10 per person for our regular socials with tickets at the door. Live band socials will be $20 per person. For dates and further information, click here 


LB's Pub  Located in St. Albert (23 Akins Dr), LB's Pub is a fun place to go dancing to live music.  Featuring local Alberta bands Friday & Saturday nights, you could get anything from rock, to blues, to country.  Check it out!


Boot Scoot'n Boogie Dancehall This Dancehall first began in the Wild West Saloon.  This is a venue (12912 50 St, Edmonton) that bridges the generation gap. The 18-25 year old have several country bars with DJ’d music to go to, the 60 plus generation has a couple of bar options that have live country music and small dance floors. It is the 25-60, that middle age range, that really has no place to go to do some things they are so passionate about, dance, socialize and listen to some good country music, live. Events cater to all ages. They feature a live band and recorded music in between. For details and Band schedule click here or call 587-989-5309 


Les Amies Dance Club An elegant evening out. Live dance bands playing a standard and latin music program. Large hardwood dance floor. Social dances at St. John's Cultural Centre and dinner dances at the Italian Cultural Centre. Reservations required. Please go to www.lesamies.ca for more information about purchasing dance packages or single dance tickets. 5 events for the 2017/18 dance season.

Top Hats & Tails   Occasional dances and dinner dances with music provided by a DJ.  Contact Sellan at 451-4805 or 710-0848 for information. 

Music Pilots Dance Club  Occasional dances and dinner dances with music provided by a DJ.   Call 710-7888 for more information. 

Sugar Swing  This swing group hold weekly and monthly dances that are beginner-friendly, and having a partner is not necessary. All "Sugar Foot Stomp" social swing dances are held in the new Sugar Swing Ballroom @ 10545-81 ave, and it's a welcoming, social event. You will learn some fun swing steps and meet a few people! For further details, go to www.sugarswing.com.

West Coast Swing Addicts - Edmonton is a group of enthusiastic dancers dedicated to providing a fun and friendly place to practice and enjoy West Coast Swing dancing.  Dances are at Bonnie Doon Community Hall (9240 93 St.) from 8:45 - midnight, with an included lesson at 8 pm.  Adults $10. Join West Coast Swing Addicts on Facebook for all the info.


Swing-Out Dance  Monthly on Saturdays at the Orange Hall (10335-84th Ave) from  8:00pm - midnight.  Tickets are $7 Regular, $4 Swing-Out Member.  Lesson: 8:00pm - 9:00pm.  Visit www.ualberta.ca/~swingout for dates and details. Sign up for their facebook group for regular updates.

Kingsway Legion Dance Social Friday & Saturday nights the Kingsway Legion (14339 50 St.) holds a Dance Social with a live band and welcomes members and guests to attend. Admission is $2.00 for members & their first guest and $7.00 for all others, including non members - everyone is welcome. The dance goes from 7pm to 11pm.   Contact: 780-425-8654 or https://kingswaylegion.ca/entertainment


Classy 50's Plus Social Events  Invites members and non members, singles & couples to thier club, whether you'd like to meet new people, socialize, or dance.  This group goes out to a variety of local dance events in the Edmonton & area dance community.  For further details and dates, contact Wilma 780-938-7278,  wbotha@telus.net  or request to join their closed Facebook Group 


Dances for SINGLES

Du Soliel Dance Club  Saturday scheduled dances for Singles at Calder Community Hall (12721-120 St).  Doors open 7:30 pm, dance lessons 8 - 9, dancing 9 - 1 am.  Tickets are $15 members, $20 non-members.  Check https://www.facebook.com/clubdusoleiledmonton/  for further information.  

Yellowrose Singles Dance Club (where Couples are Welcome)   - Dances are held at Duggan Community Hall (3728-106 st, Edmonton)  Dance to the music of the 50's on up. 60% Country, Rock & Roll, Waltz, Polka, & Cha Cha. 40% Mixed Music.   Admission is $15 members or $20 non-members. Membership $5.  Doors open at 6:45 pm, Lesson 7:30 pm,  Dance 8:30 pm. Contact Alan Morris (President) 780-465-3411 for details. 


Professional Singles 45+ Club  The Professional Singles Club 45+ is a ‘non-profit’ group of adults who socialize with other singles in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  “Professional” denotes an attitude towards life rather than a person’s occupation.  Activities and functions are planned and organized by volunteers within the Club and are self-supporting. Dances held often at the Victoria Soccer Club. Tickets $10, Non Members $15.  The membership year is from April 1 to March 31, and the annual fee is $25.00. For further information on our club events please contact Val at: 780-918-8689 or Email: vosbak@gmail.com  or http://professionalsinglesclub.com 

Minus One Club of Edmonton A dance club for seniors 55+ (singles and couples welcome).  Effective January 2018 dance will be from 7-11 pm with light lunch included.  Live Bands.  Members $13, guests $15. 2018 Membership $15.  Dances on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Bellevue Community League Hall (7308 112 Ave NW, Edmonton). For more information click here or call 780-478-6187  

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