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Winter Edition 

December 2011


~From Tango to

Two Step ~  
Dear Dance Enthusiasts! 
WinterHard to believe this year is almost done.  And, for once, it actually seems to be slowing down for me - at least this week!  Teaching slows down (briefly!), family speeds up (a lot!) and then it's the New Year.   As I look to to January for the family schedule, I remind myself to schedule some time in for me, time with my husband, and time with the kids having fun.  It's not always easy, but, for me, if it is on the calendar, it usually happens.  How do you make sure you have a breath of fun and space in your busy life?  Is it time dancing with that special partner?  Is it time with the girls?  the guys?  Whether an occasional date night at a Practice Session, weekly connections with your partner and friends at Group classes, or Groovin' with the gals on Sundays, make sure you schedule in that time.  You are important and in this busy, chilly season, dance is a way to keep warm, shake off the cobwebs, take your mind off of your work, get some exercise, connect with one another, and with yourself. I would also like to express my gratitude to all of you for connecting with me in some way this year.  Thank you for making my day brighter by bringing your light to my world. 

Please note: The studio will be closed for the holidays from Tuesday, Dec. 20th - Tuesday, Jan. 3rd.  Registration is still available online during this time.


" Sabrina, you are a fabulous dance instructor.  Both your ability to teach to different ways of learning and to so quickly discern corrections is amazing"  Catherine Toole
Get Back to Dancing!
Man's Rock Step
Get back into dancing in 2012 with a Practice Session to kick things off.  With one scheduled each month, there is no excuse not to.  Fulfill those New Years resolutions to be more active, spend time together, and dance more often.   These open Practice Session are instructor supervised by Sabrina Thievin to give you any assistance you need. Open to everyone and all levels of dancers. (Not an instructional class, must have had or currently taking lessons.)   Only $15.75 per couples registering in advance, $21.00 at the door. Practices are held at the St. Albert United Church, #20 Green Grove Dr., St. Albert. 

*Friday, Janaury 13th from 7 - 8:30 p.m.
*Sunday February 12th from 2 - 3:30 p.m.
*Friday, March 16th from 7 - 8:30 p.m.
"John and I really enjoyed last evening's practice dance night Sabrina. Excellent idea!"  Donna & John Swiniarski
Watch my website, newsletter, and Facebook page for updates on upcoming Practice Sessions.
Dancers Wanted
Strauss BallEver wanted to feel like Cinderella & Prince Charming?  Or even just to go to the Ball?  Well here's your chance.  On Saturday, Feb. 11th, you are invited to come to the Ball - the Strauss Ball.  Attend this fund raising formal ball or be a part of it as a dancer.  The ball is an elegant evening with live music provided by the University's Ball Orchestra & C-Jam Big Band, with a fabulous meal by the Westin Hotel. This year I am excited to have been brought in to choreograph the Polonaise!  The Polonaise is a presentation dance typically done by debutantes (young ladies making their formal debut in society) and their cavaliers/escorts. We are looking for couples, male and female dancers between 18 - 30 years of age to learn to perform this dance.  Some dance experience an asset, beginners are welcome.   A debutante at two past Balls, I would love to have some familiar faces both in the dance and at the Ball.  Please contact me or Karin Fodor ASAP for questions about  how you can become one of the dancers. Rehearsals are Sundays, starting Jan. 8th.  Here is an article from a past Ball. For those of you looking for a fun filled eveing, a unique experience, or a one of kind Valentines celebration - Click here for tickets to the Strauss Ball. 
New Years Eve Dances


Ring in the New Year - right here in St. Albert.  The St. Albert Community League will be hosting a New Years Eve dance on... New Years Eve, Dec. 31st!  Come dance in 2012 in style.  All of their dances for 2011 have sold out - over 85% of New Years tickets already sold. Tickets are only $25 per person. Don't delay - contact Sheena @ 780-460-9205 for tickets now.


For more New Years Eve dances, click here.

Group Classes - limited space!
Group ClassThere are still limited spaces available for the Winter & Spring semesters. The Winter theme for classes Beginner and up is Ballroom, including Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz. Absolute Beginner dances offered this Winter will be Rumba, Foxtrot, and Swing.  Dances offered vary by levels.  The theme for this Spring will be Latin. For the Absolute Beginner, Spring dances will be Cha Cha, Waltz, and Two Step. Register now- Classes filling quickly!  Click here for more details.  Makes a great Christmas gift!

Please note - the City of St. Albert is no longer offering dance classes - including ballroom.  Please ensure your spot in the next semester and register now for Spring.
"We're having fun and have actually been to some dances!  We appreciate that you accept the fact that we can't be perfect - you watch where we're at and give helpful hints/instructions to improve from there."  Christine & Nels Zihrul
A few good men?? 
I always have ladies looking for for dance partners, from Beginners to Experienced.  If you are a man interested in dancing (or know of one!), experienced or not, I have ladies for you. For the Winter (Ballroom), I am specifically looking for the Dance Enthusiast level.  There are always ladies looking for the Beginner class too.  WARNING - this is not a dating service and I match people up based on dance ability only. MEN ONLY, please reply to Sabrina if you are interested.
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Swing & Smile
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"Sabrina has an excellent way of teaching and keeps all of us interested."
Marlene & Dennis Bykowski


(On a scale of 1 - 10 - rate the quality of this class?)
"10.  Basic moves well covered and explained. Each class began with a review of previous moves.  You were supportive and encouraged everyone to their full potential.  Your approach is fun."
Deb Smutt (Teaching Asst.) & Joe Girard (Heavy Duty Mechanic)

(Major learning experiences?)  "When your brain falls out, it eventually comes back."

Scott Kusalik & Kelly Cisar (Engineers) 


"We have found that by pushing our comfort zones it has helped us to improve what we already know as well as add to our repetoire...
We have learned so much!"  
Nicole Stevens
"We are enjoying this class so much and are fondly referring to Fridays as our "date night".  It is great to have this time as a couple (we've been married for 28 years) and love your humor and understanding of insecurities as new dancers." Wes & Jenny Cupido (Business Owners)

What type of shoes should I wear for dancing?


Please always carry in clean soled shoes for class. They must have closed in heel or ankle strap.  Leather or smooth soled shoes preferred.  Cowboy boots and sneakers are not recommended. You will find out very quickly which are your favorite shoes for dancing.


You may choose to invest in a proper pair of dance shoes.  The difference is the these shoes have a suede sole. The sole is flexible with a steel arch support.  Men or low ladies heels also have suede bottoms.  Ladies high heels have a orthotic rubber and longer shanks on the nails.  Heel heights are available from 1 inch to 4 inch for ladies and 1 to 1.6 inch for men.  There are dressy shoes, practice shoes, and swing shoes - for men and women.  For those of you with orthotics - check out the ballroom sneaker!


Where can I get these special shoes? Here are a few places I would recommend. 


Dancing Shoes - Dancing Shoes is a local Edmonton company with customized fitting of top quality Ballroom brand dance shoes for men and women in a wide variety of styles.  This is where I buy my dance shoes.  Contact Dorothea @ (780)488-4022 to book your appointment.

Adagio Dance & Skate Apparel - Adagio carries Dance brand shoes in a lower price range.  Styles available for both ladies and men.   Located at # 104 - 15379 Castledowns Road, Edmonton, or call 780-457-0006


Dance Shoes OnLine - DSOL is an online shoe company one of my students discovered. So far the quality seems to be holding up. Very affordable, lots of variety of mens and ladies shoes, prompt delivery. 

And now for the ladies...

There is no "right" way to move, there is only your way.  Learn to move your body freely in ways that make you look and feel good. The Groovy Goddess will have you experiencing movement in a whole new way. Have fun and spend 3 weeks bringing out YOUR Groovy Goddess!  Contact Sabrina to register.   Classes are Sunday, March 4, 11, & 18 from 2:30 - 4 pm.  **Register by Feb. 14th and bring a friend for half price!  Makes a great Valentines gift.  No dance experience required.


""One of my favorite sayings is Dance like no one's looking. I felt so relaxed, I did dance like no one was looking! "  Kelly Marsh  
"This class allowed me to experience emotions I haven't explored in a really long time.  It really dug down to my soul.  A MUST for any woman." Chenelle M.
Ladies Swing & Smile
Ladies DancingKnow without a doubt that you are amazing and beautiful just as you are - no changes required.  Sensuality Expert Christie Mawer and the Groovy Goddess creator Sabrina Thievin will once again be offering another full day of discovery and fun With a Swing in Your Hips and a Smile on Your Lips . This full day of girl time will take place on Saturday, February 25th.  Bring a friend - discount available!  Contact Christie to register.  No dance experience required.

"This class enabled me to bring thoughts and fears to the surface and gain strength and acceptance to deal with them.  I didn't realize how "empty" my "cup" had become.  Christie and Sabrina have a knack for drawing those feelings out in a safe supportive environment." Lisa Davies


"I am so grateful for Sabrina and Christie who chose to give this wonderful gift.  Their encouraging words and extreme wisdom, knowledge and insight through this course has helped me become more self aware than I've been in  a long time - if ever."  Amanda B.

I hope that dance has made a difference in your life this year.  Thank you for all your persistence, laughter, and willingness to grow.  Here is one of my favorite quotes to start off 2011 on the right foot (or the left if you are leading!):

"To learn to dance by practicing dancing

or to learn to live by practicing living,

the principles are the same."

- Martha Graham

Happy 2012!
Sabrina Thievin 
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